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Kielty Alcohol Ink ( from Ireland ) Retarding Solution 15ml


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Kielty Ink retarding solution significantly lengthens the drying time for any brand of alcohol ink. You can create art in the same way you did before, but now the surface of the inks will remain workable allowing you to manipulate the ink with tools for hours. For instance adding definition to the bark of a tree without scratching away hardened ink or blurring boundaries between colors with a brush.

Using more than the recommended amount is not advisable, less is more and this little bottle will last a VERY long time.

1. Place one droplet of retarder in mixing vessel/palette.
2. Place 4 droplets of ink.
3. Mix thoroughly.
4. Apply to surface.
4. Inks will now take up to a day to set, you can accelerate this with heating.
1:4 is the ratio! Use more ink to retarder for shorter drying times, using more retarder may lead to separation or general weird behavior (some of which can be interesting)

This will not stop the evaporation of solvent from your ink when it is in your palette, so as the solvent evaporates the retarder will be left behind leaving a much thicker ink. This can be used for cool effects. To return the ink to a fluid form use a few drops of alcohol, acetone or blending solution.

Kielty Ink is not responsible for what customs do in your country. Kielty Ink makes and ships orders with appropriate paperwork. If it is held in customs for whatever reason it is standard protocol that they contact the consignee (you). If you need assistance you can contact me, however the onus is on you once your order has been shipped. If you are charged import duties this is outside my control and you should factor that in when placing your order or make relevant inquiries to ensure you have the correct information. US customers most commonly need a TSCA declaration.

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