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Whimsy - Butt Nuggets, What The Cluck and Connected Tiles Frame

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Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets

I made this card for my dad, he's 94 and we used to raise chickens, so I thought it would bring back some ole time memories.

For the background I used a pre-embossed wood paper and blended ink over it. The chicken wire inset in the Tile dies is a very old background die, however there are many other dies that would work just as well. I am looking at bringing in the Whimsy Chicken Coop which has a great alternative in addition to some other farm tools like a pitch fork, ladder and hinges. These stamps and dies have endless options for making cards or using in farm layouts.

I hope you enjoyed my rant and let me know in the comments what you think.

Thanks again for checking out my posts.